XPontus XML Editor is a simple XML Editor oriented towards text editing. It can perform validation(DTD, XML Schema, Relax NG, Batch XML validation), XSL transformations(HTML, XML, PDF, SVG), schema/DTD generation, XML/DTD/HTML/XSL code completion, code formatting and much more. The brand new version is now plugin based to solve some limitation issues.


XPontus aims to become the free alternative to commercial XML IDES such as XMLSPy or Oxygen XML Editor, or Exchanger XML Editor without the Entreprise features for now. The application tries to provide you most of the features you would expect to see in a fully bloated XML IDE, in a familiar and conviviable manner.


Here are the major changes for the latest release( of XPontus:

  • Couple of bug fixes and refractoring when possible. Prevent some obvious race conditions
  • XPath2 support
  • No error when saving preferences
  • Windows Vista fixes(invisible tabs and irritating menubar with some gray color after menus)
  • Code completion usability and accuracy has been improved
  • Replaced find dialog which was eating memory
  • Font rendering(antialiasing for document font)
  • Improved startup time
  • Code indentation fixes UI freezing.


  • Become a full featured XML Editor.
  • Integrate easily in popular IDES such as Eclipse and Netbeans
  • Integrate easily into other applications requiring XML needs