XPontus is now built on top of a plugin framework to allow a modular development. Most of XPontus features are provided as plugins.

Code completion

For general XML files code completion is built on the fly when a DTD or schema is associated to the document. XSL completion is provided using a DTD embedded in the XML code completion plugin.

For HTML files, an embedded DTD is used to create the code completion database.

XPath support

XPath 1.0 and 2.0 are supported.

Syntax highlighting

Syntax coloring is enabled for XML and HTML related files

XSL transformations

Like in the previous versions, XSL transformations are available(PDF, HTML, XML, SVG, TEXT).


  • The Simple validation plugin can validate an opened document only
  • The Batch XML validation can accept a list of files and/or directories and validate them based on some file extensions patterns(*.xml, *.xsl)
  • he External schema validation plugin validates a file against an external schema(ie when the document has no associated schema)

Code structure browser

XPontus can display the hierarchic structure of XML and HTML files

Code indentation

Code indentation is available for XML and HTML files.

File system abstractions

XPontus will be able to use file system abstraction which means that a FTP file and a local file will be look all the same to the application.

Schema generation/conversion

The software can generate DTDS, XML schemas, Relax NG grammars from XML files.

Documentation generator

XPontus features 2 types of documentation generators:

  • an XML schema documentation generator
  • a DTD documentation generator

Multiple installers

Installers are available for Windows, Linux(Debian/Ubuntu, Suse/Fedora, Slackware), Unix, FreeBSD, Mac OS. There is also a cross platform installer

Platform interoperability

As XPontus is written Java, it runs on most platforms such as Windows, Linux/Unix, FreeBSD, MacOS.