Thank you

Without other great existing software I couldn't have kept on with XPontus XML Editor development

  • ej-technologies for granting XPontus a license of install4j, an advanced cross-platform installer.
  • VLSolutions offers a GPL license of its docking framework.
  • JetBrains for granting XPontus a free license of IntelliJ IDEA.
  • JIDE has lots of professional Java Swing components offered under the GPL license.
  • Thanks to all members of the XPontus team. Jason Davis helped me a lot with the syntax coloring logic.
  • Apama design created the new logo of XPontus XML Editor.
  • Thanks to other people who contributed one way or an other to the project.
  • Thanks to you users for downloading XPontus, suggesting improvements, filling bug reports. I didn't expect that many downloads of the software as it was still beta with limited features.